Cigar City Has A New TRIBE....


Traveling instinctively through the paths of hand-rolled offerings, you may find yourself rather itinerant in the moment. Hot and tropical yet perfect conditions for manufacturers of a product & culture that started in the mid-1800's...this town has now diversified immensely, platformed by visionaries such as Vicente Martinez-Ybor


55 years have passed and nearly 200 manufacturers have closed and the spirit of Cigar City still remains. Only to those mystics who have totally transcended the 5 senses have the agility to avoid it, but for those of us who flock and bask within the realms of leisure, it is a paradise. This paradise, Tampa, FL., with its great cigar heritage and a haven for many of the legends and pioneers of the cigar industry, has unknowingly given birth to a tribe on a quest. 


Nestled in the heart of West Tampa, approximately 7 minutes away from Ybor City, are 5 Cigar Nomads called the Maduro Marauders, who project an out of character, out of the norm vibe to create a permanent abode. On 1944 W. Main St., you will discover another element of the cultural deliverables that Cigar City has on display. 


The Maduro Marauders Cigar Lounge, an ultra-relaxed afro-cuban themed sanctuary which is wonderfully eclectic and beautifully woven. Staying within the hand-rolled tradition, the lounge offers an array of cigar sizes and blends out of Nicaragua and beyond. The wall art, music and comfy seating provides you with an easy space to indulge in your cigar smoking meditation. It is slowly becoming an experimental ground of choice for the budding cigar novice and staple for the aficionado/ enthusiast. The lounge surroundings are "currently" under-developed yet zoned for a gentrified uplift. The conforming process to a more upper/middle class lifestyle community could make way for more lounge prosperity however the Marauders are conscious, and are taking action on the backlash and displacement this will have on the families and small businesses within the area. 


Challenged at times by the unaccepted aesthetics of the location therefore overlooked by some seasoned stogie burners and novices as a go-to lounge, the Marauders however intrinsically know their community place & value. August 2017 made one year of service and existence for the Marauders, 2018 will offer greater opportunities for them to make an impression in Cigar City History. The Lounge is just one of the many dimensions to these looters of the leaf. Look out for a variety of events and community service activities created and hosted by the Maduro Marauders this upcoming year!


For further information on the Maduro Marauders and to learn more on how you can become a member of the "Tribe", contact them @ 813.405.4669 or visit them online


Written by,

Red Farmer